Professor Yoshitsugu Hayashi Dr. Eng.
Brief description

Distinguished Professor, Center for Sustainable Development and Global Smart City,
Chubu University, Kasugai, Japan,

Emeritus Professor, Nagoya University, Japan

Distinguished Guest Professor, Tsinghua University, China

Executive Committee Member of The Club of Rome and President of the Japanese Association of The Club of Rome

Steering Committee Member & Immediate Ex-President (2013-2019) of WCTRS (World Conference on Transport Research Society, 1,000+ members from 67 countries)

President of Chubu Branch, The Engineering Academy of Japan

December 2021

1. Education and early career

Yoshitsugu Hayashi graduated from the Department of Civil Engineering, Graduate School of Engineering, University of Tokyo and was awarded a Dr.-Eng in 1979. He taught there as Lecturer and moved to Nagoya University to teach as Associate Professor and became Professor in the Engineering School. In Nagoya University, having served as Advisor to president, Dean of Graduate School of Environmental Studies (130 faculty members), he is now Director of Education and Research Center for Sustainable Co-Development.

2. Research career

His research career started in 1979 at the University of Tokyo to develop CALUTAS, which was well known as an urban land use - transport model applied to assess the impacts of the Tokyo Bay Bridge on land use and transport as well as land value in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area and also as one of the International Study Group on Land Use and Transport Interaction (ISGLUTI) models. After moving to Nagoya University, he spent a sabbatical year (1984/85) at the University of Leeds as Visiting Fellow to cooperate with Dr. Roger Mackett as a part of the activities of ISGLUTI organized by the Transport and Road Research Laboratory (TRRL), UK. He took over the Chair of the group from Dr. Vernon Webster, former Deputy Director of TRRL, in 1989 to re-establish it as the Special Interest Group (SIG) on Transport and Spatial Development under the World Conference on Transport Research Society (WCTRS). In 1997 he stayed also at the University of Dortmund as Guest Professor for research cooperation with Professor Michael Wegener on transport and spatial development. He also has established four other SIGs on a) Transport and Environment, b) Transport and Disaster Resilience, c) Smart Transport, Smart City and Quality of Life and d) High-Speed Rail: policy, Investment and Impact, and became their Co-Chairs. Later he was appointed as Chair of WCTRS Scientific Committee, and then WCTRS President (2013-2019).

3. Main contributions to research and international society

Professor Hayashi has written and co-authored more than 150 peer reviewed papers and more than 20 books.

His research has been extended to (a) transport financing (particularly of rail transit) and methods of value capture (see Transportation Research 23A, 1988) , (b) diagnosing urbanization and environmental impacts of sprawling land-use and motorization and (c) compact city and smart-shrink based on QOL analysis. (see collection of books)

He developed a forecasting model of shifts in type configurations in car purchase, ownership and car use, reflecting preferential tax of purchase and ownership (access link Transportation Research 4D, 1999). He has also invested time to the study on gSmart Shrink of Cityh based on the concepts of "dual strategies of de-suburbanization and social capitalization of buildingh as well as gQOL (Quality of Life)" (see Built Environment Vol. 29, No. 1, 2003). He is extending these concepts to cope with ageing of society.

He has been involved also in other major research projects including OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development), Environmentally Sustainable Transport (OECD-EST) project, and in 2003 organized an international conference in Nagoya to transfer the concept, findings and good practices of OECD-EST to Asia.

Since 1999, he has lead WCTRS - Special Interest Group on Transport and the Environment. He also has chaired the Project CUTE (Comparative Study on Urban Transport and the Environment) jointly organized by WCTRS and Institute for Transport Policy Studies (ITPS) Tokyo, and the results were published in a book published by Elsevier, in cooperation with Professors Hideo Nakamura, Tony May, Werner Rothengatter, Gen Giuliano, Dan Sperling, etc.

His career has included other various positions such as co-Editor of the WCTRS official journal "Transport Policy" and Associate Editor of Transportation Research D: Environment, both published by Elsevier. He has served as Chairs of Prize Committee and Scientific Committee, and is now serving as President of WCTRS consisting of over 1,000 individual members from 67 countries.

In 2019, The JUCA/JST SATREPS Project gSmart Transport Strategy for Thailand 4.0h , for which Yoshi Hayashi was Chief Supervisor, was launched. It has developed gSukhumvit Modelh which is a model of New Life Style where a citizen is advised his/her optimal QOL sequence of time use for activities and travels within a day. This system typically advise the citizen gDonft start traveling towards the office located in the city center but stay home or go to the nearest Co-working spaceh to work till the congestion of the transport system will be releasedh, and there later he/she will receive gOk, now you can move to city centerh. Development started earlier than COVID-19 Pandemic but it now really useful to design the New Normal after COVID-19.

In April 2020 he established COVID-19 Taskforce in the WCTRS and recruited volunteers to examine and report what was happening in transport amid the pandemic. In August, a book entitled gTransportation Amid Pandemic ? Practices and Policiesh will be published as one of the WCTRS Elsevier book series.

Yoshi Hayashi was appointed as a Full member of the Club of Rome in 2015, and as President of The Japanese Association of The Club of Rome and then as Executive Committee Member in 2020. He has organized Club f Rome Japan conferences in Chubu University and published the Japanese edition of a book hHow to open up the post COVID-19 era? : Seeking for Eastern originality by de-Westernisation in science, culture and philosophyh. Its English edition is under planning.

4. Publications (main English editions only)

a. Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Werner Rothengatter and K.E. Seetha Ram (2021), Frontiers in High-Speed Rail Development, ADBI Press

b. Yoshitsugu Hayashi, KE Seetha Ram, and Shreyas Bharule (2020), Handbook on High-Speed Rail and Quality of Life, ADBI Press

c. Blas Luis Perez Henriquez, Elizabeth Deakin (2016), High-Speed Rail and Sustainability: Decision-making and the political economy of investment (Routledge Explorations in Environmental Studies), Routledge

d. Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Tetsuzo Yasunari, Hiroshi Kanzawa and Hirokazu Kato (2016), Climate Change, Energy Use, and Sustainability: Diagnosis and Prescription after the Great East Japan Earthquake (Springer Briefs in Environment, Security, Development and Peace), Springer

e. Yoshitsugu Hayashi, Yasuhiro Suzuki, Shinji Sato and Kenichi Tsukahara (2016), Disaster Resilient Cities: Concepts and Practical Examples, Elsevier /Butterworth-Heinemann, 2016

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CV of Professor Hayashi Yoshitsugu