Submission of abstracts:  December 21, 2015 − January 31, 2016
* The submission system has been closed.
    N.B. Abstracts are peer-reviewed by  the scientific committee.
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Notice of the abstract acceptance:by February 15, 2016

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Submission of the revised abstract (s) after

 acceptance: February 16-February 23, 2016  

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◎The title of your abstract and authors must be the same as the acceptedabstract.

*The deadline will be interpreted as in time zone UTC-4.

If you have problems and questions, please e-mail to isaph2016[at]

  (The timetable is subject to change.)
Important Information to upload the accepted abstract
for Symposia
・Please read the sample format before uploading your files.
・Your work must be original and should not have been presented or published
・Your abstract should be in  A4 one page in English.
・Please follow the sample format.
・References, tables and figures may be on the second page.  
・Please write your name, affilication and country.
・List up to five keywords.
・English must be proof-read.
・The revised abstract must be sent both in PDF and WORD files
・Please do NOT change the title of your abstract and authors if there are
multiple authors.

Submission of revised "country report"
・ You can tell the audience on the phonetic education and its related issues
in your country. You can include the situation of your organisation.
・ You can include the history of phonetic education, also, in addition to
the phonetic education in the present days in your country.
・Please write your name, affiliation and country name.
Notification of acceptance of your abstract(s)
・You will be notified that we received  your abstract.
 If you did not receive it by due date, please contact to the organisers.
・You will be notified of acceptance by e-mail.
・If you did not receive it by due date (February 15),  please contact to the
 organising committee.
・You will be notified whether your presentation is oral or poster after theselection
 process in February.
・It is only an oral presentation in the  "country report".
・After your abstract was accepted, please write your name, affiliation andcoutry
 under the title, and send it in PDF and WORD file on-line.  

Important notes
・Please note that the deadline of registration for the first author = presenter is
 February 25, 2016.  Otherwise, your abstract will not be included in  theabstract
 Thank you very much for your understanding and cooperation.

Copy rights:
・The copy right belongs to ISAPh2016.
・Also, because the Symposium is endorsed by ISCA. Based on the regulation,
 it also belongs to ISCA. Please read the statement below.
・These copy rights are to protect your copyright
・Please remember to check "Agree" in the registration form if you submit your
・ Please note that when you sent an abstract (s) and was/were accepted, and
 when we confirmed your registration form and payment, your abstract (s) will
 be on the Symposium HP at least for a year after the Symposium. .
ISCA copy right
The authors hereby transfer any and all rights in and to the abstract including
without limitation all copyrights to the International Speech Communication
Association, known as ISCA. This copyright transfer is necessary as aprerequisite
for publication & further dissemination of the work in the workshopproceedings.
The first author warrants that the abstract is original and that he/she is theauthor
of the abstract, except for material that is clearly identified as to its originalsource,
with permission notices from the copyright owners where required. The current
agreement represents that he/she has the power and authority to make and
execute this assignment.
In return, ISCA agrees to the following:
1.Employers/authors retain all proprietary rights in any process, procedure,
or article of manufacture described in the abstract.
2.Employers/authors may copy, or authorize the copy of, the abstract,
or derivative portions of the abstract for company/personal use, provided
the copies are not offered for sale, that the source of the material is indicated,
and that ISCA's endorsement is not implied by the use.
3.Third party as well as employers/authors must request permission from
ISCA for copy privileges not covered by items 1,2 above (such as reprinting,
republishing of parts, etc.).
4.ISCA recognizes that the financing institutions - if any - have royalty free
permission to copy, or authorize the copy of, all/portions of the abstract for
official purposes only, when the contained work was done under a grant/
contract and the grant/contract so requires.
If the abstract is not accepted and published by the organizers of the
ISCA-endorsed workshop, or is withdrawn by the author(s) before acceptance,
this agreement becomes null and void.
Methods of presentation

・As many accepted abstract(s) as possible will be orally presented.
Some might be forwarded to the poster session. If this does not happen,
   there will be no poster session.
・Please  bring your own PC and USB, in addition to necessaryequipments.
・We do not provide/rent PC for the presentation.