NAGOYA, JAPAN 

     25-28 March, 2016




The 1st International Symposium on Applied Phonetics will be held in Nagoya, Japan,
on March 25-28,  2016.  Late March is the most beautiful season in Japan, with  cherry trees blooming
everywhere. Nagoya is famous for  many historical sites, including Nagoya Castle, the Tokugawa Museum,
the Atsuta Shrine, etc. Nagoya is located in the center of the Japanese archipelago and one of three major

Interest in the importance of speech communication has been growing in recent years, and phonetic
knowledge is essential in the teaching of any language. In our increasingly globalized society, educators
involved in teaching pronunciation have an important role to play, but many feel isolated and are uncertain
about what and how to teach. This symposium offers an unprecedented opportunity to raise questions,
discuss issues, and share information, in particular,
- to present research results and themes in phonetic education,
- to bring up issues and problems in relation to phonetic education,
- to report on phonetic education from your country or organization.

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■  Topics[click]

 ・Teaching general phonetics to major students           ・Teaching general phonetics to non-major students
 ・Teaching phonetics of a specific language                  ・Teaching pronunciation in monolingual classes
 ・Teaching pronunciation in multilingual classes           ・Teaching L2 pronunciation in L1/L2
 ・Teaching pronunciation to adults                                ・Teaching pronunciation to young students
 ・Phonetics in teacher training                                        ・Immersion classes
 ・L2 pronunciation acquisition                                        ・Teaching prosody
 ・Socio-phonetic factors in the classroom                       ・Pronunciation training tools
 ・Phonetics for learners                                                    ・Other related topics.

■  Keynote speakers[click]

・Timothy Vance [Japanese phonetics]"The challenge of big numbers for JFL learners:
    Pitch-accent and phrasing"
 ・Patricia Ashby [English & General Phonetics]"Sound foundations.
      What’s ‘general’ in applied phonetics?"
 ・Murray Munro [Applied Phonetics in SLA]"Pronunciation learning and teaching:
      What can phonetics research tell us?"
 ・Wen Cao [Chinese Phonetics]"When and how shall tones be taught?"
 ・Keikichi Hirose [Speech Science& Technology]"Speech prosody in phonetics and technology"
 ・Nobuaki Minematsu [Speech Science & Technology]"OJAD: web-based prosodic reading tutor
      of Japanese"
 Language: English
 Venue[click]Chubu University, Nagoya Campus, Nagoya-city, Japan
■  Important Dates[click]
■  Special Note:

 ・A book with ISBN will be published after the symposium for the presenters. The cost is
   not included in the registration fee.
■  Organised  by ISAPh2016 Organizing committee[click]
 Contact & Enquiry: isaph2016[at]isaph.com   http://www.isc.chubu.ac.jp/ISAPh2016/
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